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Terms and Conditions

Products subject to availability. Sales made with credit cards will be charged by Empresas Berríos, Inc., provided they meet the security parameters of your credit/debit card and/or if the merchandise is not available in our warehouse. In such a case, our Online Store staff will contact you for additional assistance.

Products purchased on our Online Store at or are dispatched from our Central Warehouse in Cidra, if available. Merchandise displayed on our website is not necessarily displayed in a Berríos or Ashley store.


1. You must ensure that the selected merchandise is suitable for the allocated space before completing the order.
2. If the merchandise is available in the warehouse, the Service Department (Tel. 787-653-0707) will contact you to coordinate the delivery date.
3. The estimated delivery time for regular merchandise is 3 to 7 business days if the merchandise is available in our warehouse.
4. The estimated delivery time for special orders is 5 to 10 weeks, and in particular cases, it may be longer depending on our suppliers.
5. Upon completing the order, for inventory availability reasons, we will review the order and contact you within 3 to 4 days to provide assistance if the products in your order are not available in our warehouse. If there is no availability, we will notify you to make a new selection or refund the money, partially or in full, to the payment method used in your order.
6. If we do not receive a response from the customer within the next 3 to 4 days after calling, we will proceed with the immediate cancellation of the order.
7. We will not deliver merchandise until the funds are reflected and confirmed in our account.
8. Product prices may change without notice when completing the order. Any order suspected of fraud or any other irregularity will be automatically canceled without prior notice.
9. It is important to check your "Junk" and "Spam" folders as your email may filter our domains, and you may not see our messages in your main inbox. If you still do not receive our messages and notifications, you can call us at 939-293-2337, and we will check your contact information to ensure it is correct.

At the Time of Delivery:
Make sure to inspect the merchandise together with our delivery personnel before they leave your home. Any claims must be made at the time of delivery.
- We do not make deliveries to ports or any other location outside of Puerto Rico.
- We do not make deliveries to the Municipal Islands of Vieques and Culebra. In these cases, the merchandise will be left in our store in Fajardo, and the customer will send an independent driver of their choice for transport from our store to their home. Empresas Berríos, Inc. will not pay the expenses incurred for the service provided by the customer's independent driver.

Manufacturer's Warranties:
1. Appliances:
- During the first year, the warranty will be provided through the manufacturer with specialized technicians.
- If your product has a functional problem within the first 7 days, an exchange will be authorized.
- The manufacturer's warranty covers service visits, parts, and labor.
- Any exchanges during the original warranty period must be authorized by the manufacturer.
- It does not cover "Mold" or aesthetic wear and tear of the product.

2. Electronics:
- During the first year, the warranty will be provided through the manufacturer with specialized technicians.
- The warranty covers parts and labor.
- Any exchanges during the original warranty period must be authorized by the manufacturer.
- Services for 46-inch or larger LCD or LED televisions will be performed at the customer's residence.
- Sound equipment and 22" to 45" televisions should be taken to an authorized Service Center designated by the manufacturer.

3. Furniture:
- Your warranty is valid for 90 days for factory defects.
- The 90-day warranty excludes certain aspects such as wear and tear, discoloration, or shrinkage of any fabric, damage caused by misuse or accidents, damage from stains caused by sunlight or artificial light, moisture-induced stains, color variation or veining in leather and wood, rough areas in marble or variation in color, furniture that has been altered by the buyer, and misuse of cleaning materials.
- When filing a claim, photos will be requested to expedite the inspection of the product.
- The Service Department will determine whether repair, discount, or exchange applies.
- In the case of termites or moths, an exchange will be authorized within the first 6 months from the date of purchase.
- Any cancellation or exchange after delivery is completed will incur a 50% depreciation charge.
- Any authorized exchange has 30 days to make the new purchase. After the 30-day term for exchange has expired, the amount of depreciation will be reevaluated if any charge applies.

4. Mattresses:
- Mattress warranties will be provided through the manufacturer.
- Our Service Department agents will assist you in drafting your claim and refer you to the manufacturer.
- A specialized inspector will be assigned to visit you, and subsequently, the manufacturer will make a decision based on the assessment of the visit.
- Mattresses are not exchanged for firmness type. (Refer to the manufacturer's manual.)
- By order of the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, mattresses outside of plastic packaging cannot be returned. We encourage you to do the "Comfort Test" before selecting your mattress.
Extended Warranty (if applicable) for Appliances and Electronics:
- Certified technicians will visit the customer for repair purposes. Home visits will only be for appliances and 46-inch or larger LCD or LED televisions.
- Any exchange or repair will be handled in accordance with the Service Contract rules for Appliances and Electronic Equipment.
- The extended warranty does not cover "Mold."

Return Policy

Once you receive your merchandise in good condition, no cancellation or refund is authorized. Any changes or cancellations after the delivery is completed will incur a 50% depreciation charge, except for Mattresses. Due to health department regulations, Mattresses cannot be returned once used and/or outside of their original packaging. We encourage you to consult with your sales representative and perform the necessary tests before selecting your unit. Once you choose the appropriate model for your needs, there will be no exchange for any firmness type; we will only cover the manufacturer's warranty. 


You must present the original invoice and a form of identification. Orders paid by credit card or ATH will be credited to the card. For orders paid in cash or by check, you will receive a check within 15 business days through the central office to your postal address or the branch where you made your purchase. No charges or penalties will apply if the cancellation is made before the delivery dispatch.

Time to Honor Prices
- We can honor the price of an offer one day before or one day after its publication, provided the product has not been delivered to the customer's home.

Extended Warranties

Appliances and Electronics

By purchasing an extended warranty for an appliance and/or electronics in the shopping cart, you agree to all the terms and conditions of the contract that will be provided via email used during the online purchase.

a. Certified Technicians will visit the customer for repair purposes. Home visits will only be for appliances and TVs (LCD or LED) of 46 inches or larger.
b. All exchanges or repairs will be handled according to the rules of the Service Contract for Appliances and Electronic Equipment.
c. The extended warranty does not cover "Mold".


All our technical services, repairs, and installations, if applicable, are carried out only in the 76 municipalities within the Island of Puerto Rico.

Basic Requirements for Berríos or Ashley Online Credit Applications: 

- Be at least 21 years old.
- Be a resident of Puerto Rico.
- Possess a valid, current ID.
- Be employed or have income that can be demonstrated.
- Be permanent or regularly employed.
- Work a minimum of 20 hours or more weekly.

Once our department validates your application, you will receive a notification by email and/or phone confirming the determination of your application. If your application is approved, you must make an advance payment of between 15% to 20% of the total purchase amount, depending on the credit parameters you qualify for. The down payment will be arranged by our staff through a phone call.

Rule 28 (B) "Publishing misleading advertisements is illegal. Engaging in such practice entails a fine of up to a maximum of $10,000.00. The consumer may file a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO). Law No. 5 of April 23, 1973, as amended."