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About Us

Berríos is a Puerto Rican company that has been providing our customers with professionalism, commitment, warranty, and service for over four decades.

To be leaders in the furniture and home appliances sales industry in Puerto Rico, exceeding our customers' expectations in service quality, variety, prices, and financing options. Additionally, we aim to provide our employees with a workplace that focuses on meeting their needs, enhancing their skills, and fostering personal and professional development.

Leadership, committed to offering excellent service and quality products.

History of Mueblerías Berríos
Over 45 years ago, in a small 720-square-foot space in the town of Cidra, one of the most remarkable success stories in Puerto Rico's commercial history began. A humble, sincere man with great faith in God, Florencio Berríos, or Floro, as everyone affectionately calls him, started a small furniture sales business in 1974, precisely in the "year of bankruptcies." With the selfless help of his brother Gabriel, they opened their first furniture store after two years of hard work. Another brother, Roberto, a master of industrial arts, joined them in his spare time.

1976, a significant year for this exemplary family... Floro, a visionary, recognized the growth potential of the young company. He decided to create a partnership and involve his brothers in the business. Later, he expanded Mueblerías Berríos to the town of Comerío and gave another of his brothers, Rubén, a stake in the business.


That same year, due to the extraordinary progress of the partnership, the four brothers decided to incorporate and establish what is now Empresas Berríos, one of the most solid and rapidly growing companies in the industry. During that year, they also opened two branches in the town of Naranjito, one in the Cedro Abajo neighborhood and another in the town center.

In their fast-growing journey, they opened two furniture stores in the town of Caguas in 1979. The following year, they established themselves in Cayey and Aibonito. In 1981, Corozal welcomed another Mueblería Berríos, and in 1982, it was Barranquitas' turn. Three years later, two more branches were founded, this time under the concept of a super furniture store, in Humacao and Bayamón.

Due to their high growth rate and with an eye on the future, the warehouse facilities and central offices were moved to the Caguas to Río Piedras highway, an area with better access to major transportation routes and, due to its size, facilitated existing and projected operations.

In 1995, being the number one furniture chain in Puerto Rico, it was acquired by a North American furniture chain called Heilig Meyers. In the same year, as part of the expansion, Heilig Meyers acquired the company BWAC, adding 11 new branches to Mueblerías Berríos.

Over the years, Mueblerías Berríos continued its rapid growth throughout the island. Due to its accelerated growth, Mueblerías Berríos was obliged to expand its Distribution Center from 175,000 square feet to 400,000 square feet, making it the largest in Central America, with a fleet of about 100 trucks for a capacity of 1,000 daily deliveries.

In 2000, Heilig Meyers decided to sell the furniture chain, and Florencio Berríos, recognizing the great opportunity presented to him, decided to buy the company once again. This time, a new generation took over: his children and entrepreneurs Carlos Noel Berríos, Janice Rebeca Berríos, and Héctor Emilio Berríos, who were entrusted with continuing this challenging task. The current president of the company is Carlos Noel Berríos.

aboutus-6.jpgToday, Empresas Berríos has 28 branches throughout the island, a clearance center, a service department with a structure of around 60,000 square feet, and the largest distribution center in Central America.

At Empresas Berríos, we are a purely Puerto Rican company, and as such, we understand your needs. We have been providing our customers with professionalism, commitment, warranty, and the service you deserve for almost 50 years."