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Official Rules of the Promotion

1. DURATION: The Promotion: "BERRÍOS FURNITURE STORES - SCRATCH AND WIN - B - FRIDAY WEEKEND - 2023" will take place on Friday, November 24, 2023 (Promotion Period), during business hours, in all Berríos Furniture Stores located in Puerto Rico, except "Berríos Outlets" (Guaynabo, Isabela, and Caguas).
2. PROMOTER/ADMINISTRATOR, SPONSORS, QUESTIONS, AND CLAIMS: The Promoter and Administrator of this Promotion are Empresas Berríos, Inc. d/b/a Berríos Furniture Stores, with a mailing address P.O. Box 674, Cidra, Puerto Rico, 00739, physical address Carr. #172, Km. 49.7, Barrio Bayamón, Cidra Shopping Mall 2nd Floor, Cidra, Puerto Rico, 00739, Tel: 787-653-9393; and is Sponsored by Whirlpool® - (Puerto Rico), Samsung® (Puerto Rico), and LG® (Puerto Rico).
This Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered, or associated with Facebook® ( Facebook® is entirely relieved of all responsibility for each participant in this Promotion. Questions, comments, or complaints regarding this Promotion should be directed to the Promoter/Administrator of the Promotion and not to Facebook®. As a participant, you understand and accept our Privacy Policy ( and that providing your information is to the Promoter/Administrator and not to Facebook®. The information you provide will only be used for statistical purposes of this Promotion and to receive future promotional emails from the Promoters. You can opt-out of receiving email messages at any time.

3. ELIGIBILITY: All legal residents of Puerto Rico aged 21 or older and with a valid photo ID and signature issued by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico at the time of participating are eligible to participate in this Promotion. The Promotion is limited to the geographical area of Puerto Rico and is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. Employees and/or contractors of advertising agencies who have participated in any stage of the Promotion, including but not limited to Empresas Berríos Inc. d/b/a Berríos Furniture Stores, Rent Express by Berríos Inc. d/b/a Rent Express by Berríos, Whirlpool® - (Puerto Rico), Samsung® (Puerto Rico), and LG® (Puerto Rico), Arco Publicidad, and relatives up to the fourth degree of consanguinity and/or second degree of affinity of such employees and/or contractors, as well as anyone residing with them, are not eligible to participate. Employees and/or contractors of subsidiaries and affiliated companies of the aforementioned companies, as well as their relatives up to the fourth degree of consanguinity and/or second degree of affinity, and anyone residing with the mentioned employees and/or contractors are also ineligible to participate. Any person who omits information to pretend to qualify as a winner will be disqualified and submitted to the appropriate government authorities for criminal proceedings.

To participate, you must personally visit any of the twenty-three (23) Berríos Furniture Stores on Friday, November 24, 2023, around the island (EXCEPT "BERRÍOS OUTLETS": GUAYNABO, ISABELA, AND CAGUAS), visit the counter of our "BERRÍOS FURNITURE STORES - SCRATCH AND WIN - B - FRIDAY WEEKEND - 2023" stations, present a valid photo ID and signature issued by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico for verification, and provide personal registration information by our representatives, who will then offer you one (1) "Scratch and Win" card identified with the Promotion. On each card, you can find a winning code and WIN FROM $50 UP TO $500! *

* Fifty (50) cards available per store, redeemable exclusively in the store that participated and won, only on November 24, 2023, during business hours.

One (1) entry per family. Prizes redeemable for the total value of the prize through store credit, not in cash, nor applicable to a payment. If the purchase value is less than that of your prize, no additional credits will be awarded for the remaining difference.
Each winner must complete and sign the release and prize acceptance agreements before redeeming it. These release and prize acceptance agreements will be provided by the cashier and returned at the moment, signed and accompanied by copies of identifications and any other documents required by the Promoter/Administrator.
The Promoter/Administrator reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify and eliminate any participant suspected of fraudulent, unfair, or dishonest methods. This determination will be final and not subject to dispute.
By participating in this Promotion, participants agree and accept that the decisions of the Promoter/Administrator regarding compliance with these rules will be final and binding, as well as the strict application of these in all their terms. Your participation confirms your acceptance of these Official Rules.

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Prizes are also subject to the following Limitations and Restrictions: Only the total number of prizes announced in these Official Rules will be awarded. Prizes consist exclusively of the elements specifically indicated in their description in these rules. Prizes are subject to verification; they are non-transferable and cannot be substituted or redeemed for cash, except at the sole discretion of the Promoter/Administrator. If prizes become unavailable, the Promoter/Administrator reserves the right to substitute them or a portion of them for one of equal or greater value, at its sole discretion. The Promoter/Administrator reserves the right to determine any details of the prizes that have not been specifically established in these Official Rules, at its sole discretion. Winners are solely responsible for paying all applicable taxes and contributions to the receipt and/or use of the prizes, which have not been expressly included as part of this in their description, including without limitation: income tax, sales tax, consumption tax, value-added tax, or similar contributions. The Promoter/Administrator is not responsible for the loss, misplacement, and/or non-use or misuse of the prizes, any element of the prizes, and/or their documents (including warranties) once delivered to a winner. Prizes and/or a portion of them that are not used, enjoyed, or misused or used incorrectly or incompletely by the winners will be considered lost and waived, without the obligation of replacement, compensation, refund, or any type of credit by the Promoter/Administrator.

6. REPRESENTATIONS AND RELEASES: The Promoter/Administrator or any other agent will not be responsible for damages, accidents, or losses (direct, indirect, or consequential) that the winners, their families, or any person may suffer from the use or enjoyment of the prizes, during any stage of the Promotion, whatever the nature of the loss suffered, including but not limited to: physical loss, death, emotional damage, economic damage, etc. By accepting a prize, the winners and any other persons who will enjoy with such winners the prize obtained, agree to release the Promoter/Administrator, Sponsors, their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, assignees, lawyers, affiliates, parent companies, subsidiaries, and insurers ("The Released Parties") from any claim or liability for alleged negligent acts or omissions, or for any reason, related to this Promotion at any stage thereof, as well as for any claim in connection with the prize received, including without limitation, during any transfer and/or any and all types of activities related to this Promotion or the prizes, and acknowledge and agree that the Promoter/Administrator does not provide or will provide any type of medical or other insurance with the prizes, so the winner assumes all inherent risks and/or in connection with any aspect of their use. The Released Parties will not be responsible for any errors of printing, typographical, human, or any other kind in the materials related to the Promotion. Participants agree that the Released Parties do not provide a guarantee regarding the services and products included in the prizes. Participants, therefore, release the Released Parties from claims related to, and without being understood as a limitation, manufacturing defects, quality and/or design, or quality of services. The participant and/or the winner agree that the Released Parties do not provide a general or specific, direct or indirect warranty regarding any of the products or services that serve as prizes; they are not responsible for the quality and performance of such products or services, and they only have the warranties, if any, that their suppliers and manufacturers can provide. Provided that any additional warranties offered by suppliers and/or manufacturers will be the sole responsibility of the winners and at their own cost. The liability of the Promoter/Administrator and any Sponsors is limited to delivering the prizes offered and administering the mechanics of this Promotion. If any part of this release is found to be unenforceable against any of the Released Parties because the waiver of claims against any of these Released Parties is not legally valid, the waiver given will be valid as to the other Released Parties. If, in the opinion of the Promoter/Administrator, there is any evidence, or suspicion, that any aspect of the Promotion has been manipulated, or there has been undue intention, fraud, or technical difficulties or failures that compromise, corrupt, or affect the administration, integrity, security, objectivity, or proper conduct of the Promotion, the Promoter/Administrator reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to disqualify any fraudulent participation or to modify, suspend, or terminate the Promotion (subject to due notice or approval, as required, from the Secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs) and to conduct another promotion to award prizes among eligible participants on whom there is no suspicion.
Any and all obligations on the part of the Promoter/Administrator, towards the winners of prizes, will cease and be fully satisfied at the time of their delivery.
Acceptance of a prize will also imply compliance with these rules and the authorization of the winner to the Promoter/Administrator to use their name, photograph, image, biographical data, voice, and/or video for promotional and advertising purposes, including online notices, without any restriction and without additional compensation. All entries, photos, and/or recordings of the winners will become the property of the Promoter and will not be returned.
Taxes are the sole responsibility of each winner, who, by accepting a prize, also consents to the payment of the corresponding contributions, if any. Every individual participating in this Promotion agrees to comply with the official rules and decisions of the Promoter/Administrator.

7. CANCELLATION OF THE PROMOTION: The Promoter/Administrator reserves the right to cancel, change the start and end dates of the Promotion, modify these rules, its conditions, and the prizes offered in case of unforeseen circumstances, force majeure, order of public authority, "Acts of God," pandemics such as "COVID-19 Pandemic," or any other outside their control or beyond their will make it necessary, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

8. AVAILABILITY: For more details, obtain a copy of the rules on the websites: and