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Return and Refunds

Return Policy

Once you receive your merchandise in good condition, no cancellation or refund is authorized. Any changes or cancellations after the delivery is completed will incur a 50% depreciation charge, except for Mattresses. Due to health department regulations, Mattresses cannot be returned once used and/or outside of their original packaging. We encourage you to consult with your sales representative and perform the necessary tests before selecting your unit. Once you choose the appropriate model for your needs, there will be no exchange for any firmness type; we will only cover the manufacturer's warranty. 


You must present the original invoice and a form of identification. Orders paid by credit card or ATH will be credited to the card. For orders paid in cash or by check, you will receive a check within 15 business days through the central office to your postal address or the branch where you made your purchase. No charges or penalties will apply if the cancellation is made before the delivery dispatch.

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